Featured; DTM Weed Father EP!

The new DMT Ep makes us open this conversation once Cannabis is so popular but still a tabu.

Recently weed gummy bears, fish, and worms had been banned because kids in Colorado.

Not just that Illegal drug trade is common in places that has different policies exposing good citizens to crime and low-quality products.

Download the full EP on iTunes

Based on East Coast this rapper has a curious name.

So called Dimethyltryptamine:

“DMT in the pineal glands of Biblical prophets gave God to humanity and let ordinary humans perceive parallel universes.”

If you are lucky and live in one of those areas that weed is legal you can enjoy your 4:20 time listening to 4. The Family with no worries.

Another great track is 2. Pusha Man 

5. I Don’t Wanna sounds like those hit you got playing on the radio.

We hope a better future about weed’s policy around the world besides more harmful substances are legal like Nicotine and Alcohol.

If you like new DMT Ep please let you comment below and download it on iTunes until the next time.



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  1. Sounds like my boy is doing his thing! To all those that aren’t familiar with him or his music..make sure you check him out! Keep up with the beats! Xo

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