Rowe Rowe – The hottest new name in rap!

Rowe Rowe is a rap artist with a unique attitude and with a lot to say through his music and lyrics.
Currently based in Los Angeles, California, Rowe Rowe is a true rap powerhouse: not only an artist and a performance but also a ghost-writer who had the chance to work with some of the industry’s hottest names and major talents.

Labels such as Interscope Records, Columbia Records, Def Jam and Universal already showed significantly interprets in Rowe Rowe’s music, and things seem to be looking right up for this iconic 17-year-old musician.


Rowe Rowe recently released a brand new single, We Own This Game, which has been published to widespread critical acclaim. The song, which showcases a definitive step forward for Rowe Rowe, is currently available throughout all the major music platforms. Inspired by artists as diverse as Nas, James Brown, Jimi Hendrix and even Frank Sinatra, Rowe Rowe truly brings a 360 degrees focus to the world of rap, pushing the boundaries of the genre, while remaining incredibly appealing and creative.

Find out more about this talented hip-hop artist and let his music tell

you the rest of the story, over at: Rowe Rowe

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