The Great Independent Tragedy Of Punk Rock Opera

Few musicians meld story, music, and art the way that Mac Cagle and Roger Greenfield of Punk Rock Opera have. Most artists pick a discipline and stick to it, at the neglect of all others. But Punk Rock Opera seamlessly blends story and music together to create an experience beyond just that of most albums.


To tell a story of music with music. The sound is engaging and the story makes you want to listen to the next song, the next album to find out what happens. The first entry, Volume 1, released in April and told the story of The Bad Plants. Their next album premiering before the end of the year expands on the character of The Bad Plants by letting you listen to their music in the story.


In 1982 Los Angeles punk band The Bad Plants released their debut album Nerve Damage. Now you can hear that music, relive the 1982 L.A. punk scene of Black Flag and the Minutemen. The Bad Plants were a mix of Dead Kennedys and a headache but were more than happy to dive into more of the untouched corners of Punk. Willing to slow down the tempo to drag, and willing to strip back the growl when they had to the Bad Plants created an album that was Punk but with variety.

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