Lauren Carter Premiering “American Dream”

Based out of Los Angeles, Lauren Carter, according to GQ Mexico, proves that ‘talent and beauty can co-exist.’ Viva Glam Magazine states, if you love Lana del Rey, you’ll love Lauren Carter.


A self-proclaimed ‘music nerd’ Lauren has completed a Masters Degree in Music, resulting in her knowing Beethoven and Schubert as well as she knows Lana del Rey, Bjork, or say, Leonard Cohen. She is an award-winning vocalist who attended prestigious Northwestern University and the University of Southampton, UK and has lived and worked primarily out of London and LA.


Lauren’s full EP, ‘American Dream,’ will be released this month and now glamouring she is premiering with us her first music video from this album!

The track is totally amazing in a video showing exactly the Hollywood lifestyle; Not just because she is scoring huge with critics and featured on TMZ or Maxim Magazine. Definitely, Lauren Carter is rising to become one of the biggest names in the game.

More info at:

iTunes Twitter IG

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