What’s Next For Upcoming Talent Julia DeTomaso

As early as nine years old, it was clear Julia DeTomaso was determined to pursue a musical life. Perched behind an oversized drum kit, Julia would keep time as well as any seasoned pro. But it didn’t stop there, as she gravitated toward the guitar, then string instruments in middle school, piano at 14 and it kept going from there. Upright bass, French Horn…the list was endless.


And through it all was the common thread of writing songs, taking inspiration from the thoughts and feelings of someone more mature than the young ten-year-old girl she was. The very first song Julia wrote, “Tell Me That You Love Me”, struck a chord with anyone who heard it and, as fate would have it, became the very first song she would record, selected by her then producers, Ray Nesbit, and Darrell Nutt.

As one-third of the group, ‘Official Outcome, Julia made her mark as the main songwriter and feisty lead vocalist, garnering attention from both the general public and the music industry.

European-based record producer Xerxes Bakker, himself a young, rising star signed to Sony Music, took Julia under his wing and continues to work with her to this day, developing songs and a unique sound that is all Julia.

When talking about her music, Julia becomes quite introspective.


“This song is really quite personal, an insight into what I am looking for in a relationship. If he listens closely, he will see I just want him to be who he is…no pretense. He needs to be comfortable in his own skin, happy to be himself. He should know he has nothing to prove to me or anyone else for that matter. As long as we are together, we will be together, creating our own path through life. At the end of the day, he needs to be comfortable sharing what he needs to say, no matter what it is, and at the end of the day he will still be able to tell me that he loves me.”

What’s next for Julia? Even though she has yet to turn 17, she has already packed a lot of experience in the few years she has been performing. Julia continues to hone her writing skills, crafting catchy melodies and memorable hooks. It is just a matter of time before more people become familiar with the talents of Julia DeTomaso.

More info at:

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