wit Debuts Single “BROkEN CLOCK”

Whitney Carr, stage name wit, is an indie singer-songwriter based out of LA. Lyric driven, she lets the writing dictate the style of each song and creates a genre on her own. She could be stripped down to just her guitar and her soul, or seducing you with an eletro-triphop moody beat.


Either way, shell leave you wanting more. Her debut song BROkEN CLOCK releases January 20th and shes already set to release her 2nd song in February. Stay tuned, she is just get started. BROkEN CLOCK is really about a broken heart.  When someone breaks your heart, you can actually feel it. A dull pain coming right from your heart.


You  can’t  sleep  because  all  you  hear  is  the  clock  ticking  and  you  pray its  broken because  there  is  no  way  only  one  minute  has  gone  by. You  know  how  desperate you sound but still you call over and over. Begging and pleading, telling them you’ll change or praying  that  they’ll  change. You know  only  time  can  heal  it  which  is hopeless because  you lose all sense of it.

More info at:

Spotify Twitter IG


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