Born and raised in Palm Springs, CA, Tosh spent most of her younger years professionally training to become a tennis star. When she realized that the sport was not her calling, she turned to music, having grown up with a father who loved listening to smooth jazz and Michael Jackson.


“When I was 12, I taught myself how to play the drums and a year later at 13, I taught myself the guitar.”

Tosh understood that teaching herself how to sing or play instruments wasn’t going to bring out the very best in her talent and so during senior year of high school, she started taking professional singing and guitar lessons. It was then that Tosh knew her life was all about music and that she would seek out a professional career as an artist.

The world of music has also helped Tosh in understanding who she internally was and meant to be. “During my teen years, I started struggling with sexual orientation, not because I knew I was gay or straight, but because I never felt that I fell under a specific label,” Tosh boldly expresses. “I just knew that I loved people for who they were, male or female. As a kid, it was so hard to grasp that and it took years and a lot of songwriting to really understand that I was doing just fine.”


In 2011, after leaving a 2-year long gig as the lead singer of a rock/pop/punk band, Tosh moved to London for a change of atmosphere and to see if she could pursue a solo music career. Soon after her big move, Tosh’s father unexpectedly passed away and she decided to come back home to Southern California.

Tosh is now a full-fledged solo singer with a thriving, up and coming career. She resides in Los Angeles and has had a whirlwind past few months playing almost every local LA hot spot including Sunset Strip’s House of Blues and Whiskey a Go Go. Back in May, Tosh was chosen from thousands of applicants to open up 2015’s LA Pride on the festival’s main stage, which she did so with flying colors.

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