Phelix – Favela

The guys trip to Rio de Janeiro came to play a bigger part in Phelix’s mind that he could have ever imagined.

“I found myself in one of Rio’s poorest favelas. Even though the circumstances were horrible the people that lived there had bigger smiles on their faces than anyone I know. The people that had the biggest impact on me were the women I met there. They did anything they could to take care of their families, a lot of them even prostituted
themselves to make ends meet. Yet they were still grateful to be alive”.
Phelix goes on to say “It was admirable”.ion

In the song “Favela” Phelix tells a fictional story about one of those women and how he fell for her, even though he knew that for her it was nothing more than work. Phelix has decided to use the Baile Funk beat, which is the favelas own sound as the foundation in the song “Favela”.
He shows his versatility by putting in influences of both dancehall and hip hop into the beat, the lyrics are in English with a mixture of Portuguese.
The result is an uncommon and refreshing approach to music.

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