Party Like A Mock Star

Zoe cultivated her joy for performance, theatrics and the art of the tall tale early in life in the middle of the Michigan mitten; her endeavors as a creative writer temporarily upended by her zest for dance, choreography, and health physiology. Zoe earned a couple of master’s degrees in dance fitness and health at Central Michigan University [CMU], all while raising two beautiful children. After earning her degrees, Zoe coordinated CMU’s first health fitness program and taught dance classes until she dropped. She then lost her mind and stumbled into hospital administration, where the art of drinking cocktails became a near necessary skill to endure the endless hours of schmoozing and elbow rubbing. Zoe still continues to dance and will until she keels over, but she has returned to her first love, writing.


Zoe is a woman who wears many hats (seriously she has a lot of hats). Not only is she a writer but she also has a panache for jump-starting medical practices and consulting. Zoe lives, works, and plays in Los Angeles where she is engaged in public relations functions, networking and social soireés that give her plenty of inspiration for her “Mock Tales”. If she’s not working on her stories you can find her reading, fantasizing about being listed on Forbes most influential women of the Century, planting pretty flowers, working with blue-chip corporations or indulging in her unhealthy addiction of chocolate and Mock Cosmopolitans.


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One thought on “Party Like A Mock Star

  1. Thank you! I had so much fun at Charlie’s Corner Bookstore in San Francisco. [pictured above]

    Zoe aka Mock Star


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