FlyPolar Brazy – My Time Coming


Never expect less from the rapper who preaches without the pulpit, his unshaken voice has earned him an audience in the over saturated rap industry, you can call him FlyPolar Brazy, he won’t feel offended even if you spell it wrongly as far as it pops up in the search box. It is no more a rumor, his much-anticipated album titled “My Time Coming” is out with over 34 minutes of incredible rap inspiration. The album which is his first has 13 tracks not for the number which will amaze you with the volume of content FlyPolar Brazy has invested to just give his growing fans the very best of good music.
The album opened with “Believe” an intro to strengthen your focus, you only need to believe and start acting it to overcome your fears.

The album is one without much numbers but touches every aspect of life from
“Buy love” in which he talks about how he could buy love to his hustle in “F.Y.M” to “Thankful” where he talks about his struggle and pain and how his fans and friends have kept him going. You can’t leave out “Night” and “Risk” where he tells us about his reason for being in the music industry.
Reason why you can’t stop liking FlyPolar Brazy is his inspiring bars that keeps the vibe flowing, you had thought he would max out of creativity, he is a brilliant artist who knows how to paint words like it is. He doesn’t chase what nigga call cool like he said in “My own” where he is trying to teach self-worth and helping solve insecurity. He ends the album with a collaboration with Dezzi in “2 wrongs”, they kept unloading bars keeping us grooving to their rhyme.

Follow IG: @Flypolar_brazy – #PoLaR#BiPolAr


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