devon jae Debuts How Could I

The Bay Area birthed another gem. Honest and confident and a voice that commands attention, devon jae is a refreshing new face in pop armed with the passion and vocal prowess you cannot teach. At 17-years-old she’s ready to give the world an earful of her raspy, refined vocals and sophisticated yet melodic lyrics.

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“Music is a vulnerable setting. You really have to completely be yourself and not be afraid to put your emotions on the line,” devon says of her writing process.

devon jae first began singing when she was 9-years-old and by the age of 12 she blew people away with her rendition of Rihanna’s chart-topping hit “Stay.” Although people saw her talent it wasn’t the right time to sign and commit to one label or sound. Nevertheless, she was determined. devon went back to the booth, she continued recording cover songs and enhancing her own songwriting skills.

Now, five years later, devon is signed to Marathon Musiq. She’s cooking up her debut EP,—an edgy, raw offspring of R&B, pop, reggae and rock that is sure to make your head bop, feet stomp, and might even make you want to call an ex or pat yourself on the back for walking away from it all.

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“The lyrics in my songs are unapologetically truthful. I’m not afraid to share myself and what I’m going through or have gone through with the people around me.”

It’s clear devon isn’t here to serve you the same old redundant sing-songy, teeny-bopper pop. Just when you thought she was just another catchy hook or maybe she isn’t here to stay, devon’s voice, reeking of maturity, draws you in and you come to terms with the fact that she’s telling truths most teens and even grown adults can relate too. devon is currently in the studio with some of the best producers and writers crafting an infused sound, all her own. Her debut project drops Summer 2017 via Marathon Musiq.

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