[Video] Kung Fu Jesus – Shine A Light

Kung Fu Jesus, the musical alchemist has returned with the sought after “Kantele Tapes” searching for the mysterious “Celestial Gold”. Still working with the oone-eyed wonder that is Phil O’Shea and the spiky-haired pirate Robert “The Accordion” Hamill, KFJ has returned to the magical lands of the other world with his dreamy melody makers. In the echoes of the wind, the Great White Dragon flows through the lands like a familiar ghostly memory waiting for his time to re-appear and Father Sun communicates from beyond Space-Time.


Kung Fu Jesus prepares himself with rigorous martial training waiting for the great day he is free of The Inorganic, the amnesiac Satan has returned to his homelands and KFJ and the Wolf have not spoken in some time. And is this new arrival in the world really The famous Monkey Magic reborn? Who knows? Maybe the music has some answers. The Kung Fu Jesus game app coming soon, available on IOS and Android



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