Revolushn On Next Big Thing

Revolushn began as a studio band that played songs written by NO (guitar) and DEKAY (drums). Several personnel iterations and dozens of shows later the band got serious and began the writing/recording process for the next album. From that point, it took one year to get to the release the second Revolushn album called FURTHER.


The release date of September of 2016 was postponed because NO and DEKAY just weren’t feeling it. So they kept a couple of the songs and started writing again. During this period NO met GUINIVERE Q (Bass/Vocals) and YOUNG SUN (guitar/vocals) on the open mike scene in San Fransisco. They hit it off quickly and both agreed to join forces with NO and DEKAY and SCHUBERT OLA (keyboards/vocals) who had worked with Revolushn since 2016.

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