“Alive” Reaches 90,000 Streams on Spotify

“Alive: Built for This” is the latest single from Maryland’s own Matt Rand. The single just reached 90,000 Streams on Spotify.

Odenton, Maryland


Matt Rand has been making his own music since the age of 14. According to Matt everything in his house that could make a sound, including a Fruit Loops box, became incorporated into his repertoire of sounds.
He credits this ingenuity for giving him the confidence to try new sounds, hooks, and beats when in the studio. According to Matt, nothing is off the table. The young
writer, rapper, producer released his first mixtape in 2013 with over 35 songs on it.
Today, the indie recording artist is finding a home for his music through social channels like Spotify.
His music has been featured on Spotify’s Discover Weekly, helping to amplify the artist among its listeners. His most recent single, Alive has now reached 90,000 streams on Spotify with no signs of stopping.

“When they informed me that I had 90,000 streams I couldn’t believe it,” says Rand. “I felt like I made a good single, but I didn’t realize that it would be heard by so many people. All I can say is if they like ‘Alive’ they’ll love the rest of the album.”

The artist is still in his studio working on the rest of his album. He says that he enjoys going back and listening to older songs so that he can see the progression in his sound and rhymes.

For more information on the artist, visit the website here.


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