Introducing Carmen


Carmen Johnson, aka “Carmen” is a model, actress, and now solo musical artist out of Detroit Michigan. At the age of 13, she began modeling with LA Models, RED NY, and NEVS UK. With the dream of transitioning into music, the singer moved to LA with three demo tracks in hand. Since then she has gone on to develop her voice and songwriting skills with the help of hip-hop legends like Detroit producer Hershel Boone (Kid Rock, Uncle Kracker, T.I.). The new album DIY is a departure from her earlier work and shows a more mature, sultry sound to her vocal stylings and a more lyrical flow to the songs.

“Stunt So Smooth” is the first release off of the album with a feature musical video to accompany it. Carmen was looking for a killer beat and hook for the first single, something she found in “Stunt So Smooth.” The video for the single was produced by the songstress and represents a flirty side to “SillyGirlCarmen” that she felt best represented the more fun and frisky aspects of the single. The seven-song album includes everything from car riding to club tunes, all of them featuring that unmistakable husky voice that landed her the attention of indie producer and recording artist Drey Skonie.

Drey produced five of the six songs on the album, including Stunt So Smooth.


Carmen’s vocals are mesmerizing and she brings this natural sex appeal to each and every song,” says NAME and TITLE. “It’s a rare thing to have beauty and talent, but to add to it all this swagger she’s got going on top of that—she’s going to blow it up.”
A quick visit to her SillyGirlCarmen channel to read through the comments demonstrates that Carmen has made an impact with both her songs and her visual representation. She’s a singer that understands branding and, according to her producer,

“…the world needs to watch out.”

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