Anjali World with Mickey Shiloh & Rico Rossi on the remix of Why Girls Trip

Anjali Ranadivé is a household in the music world anywhere in the U. S.

Anjali is known by her stage name Anjali World (chaged her stage name in 2018 to “Nani) most especially by her fans. She grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area, California.

Anjali graduated from UC Berkeley with a marine science degree in 2013 as a marine conservationist. Growing up, she has so much love for basketball which got her as a trapper representing her team at the national finals. She was twelve at the time she achieved this feat. Having parents with both philanthropist backgrounds helped nurture her into the star she is today.


Rome was not built in a day, so also was Anjali’s career, she started from somewhere. Before she became the start we know today. Her passion for music grew stronger from the love both her parents and brother has for music. While the mother and brother were listening to music Anjali developed much love for music.

After graduation, Anjali decided to go fully into music and did her first song. Finally, after long years of marine and wildlife conservation, she released her first single, “We Turn Up” in April 2014. The song turns up got a supper play from fans as one of the hottest rappers in the US; French Montana was featured on the track.


Anjali World featured Mickey Shiloh & Rico Rossi on the remix of Why Girls Trip. This was a major release after we turn up with French Montana.

Since its release, it has recorded thousands of listens and downloads on SoundCloud. YouTube was not left out as at the time of writing this report, it has recorded up to thousands of views and counting.


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