Jahnai ft Gates – Yu’ Kno

Jahnai is a hip pop singer born and raised in the big city of Atlanta. Since birth, he has been greatly influenced by the city in which he lives especially in his music.
You can actually feel the Atlanta vibe in each and every song he drops.
Gates, on the other hand, is raised in New York City.
The ever vibrant city in the United States of America. Environment and nature have played a huge role in the musical career of Gates. His lyrics, vocals, and his rhythmic flow on each song he jumps on, including Yu kno. The two artists are great songwriters and are solely responsible for writing each part of the song.  Gate gave a wonderful rendition of a hook with his super vocals. Jahnai did great too as he brought that Atlanta feeling to the floor. The song Yu Kno is really a good song from these two new artiste Gates and Jahnai.
We patiently wait with all fingers crossed for more great songs to come. Most especially from the upcoming projects Jahnai has.

To listen to this hot jam from Jahnai and gates visit:


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