Nonamus – Girl I Know

Ataul Karim bhuiyan also known as Nonamus was born in Bangladesh on October 24th, 1991 with pneumonia. His parents won a DV lottery in Bangladesh that gave his family the opportunity to move to America in 1996.
His mother Amana Mowla was a local singer in Bangladesh and was arranged married to his father didarul Bhuiyan who was a school teacher in Bangladesh. After they migrated to America his mother worked at a local supermarket called Foodtown as his father open a construction company.
Nonamus and little brother Hafzul loved playing with instrumentals. They always sang together and loved hip hop music. Growing up his mother always play Jennifer Lopez and it grew on the two brothers. As Nonamus grew older his interest in music grew more and more. He soon discovered Fl studio and started making beats and rapping to anything he herds. He recorded many songs using his laptop eventually graduating to owning his own studio in 2016. He released many singles that inclined to millions of plays on SoundCloud and YouTube. He strives to make his footprint in the hip-hop industry being the first Bangladesh artist that does it all himself.


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