Dare Two ft Thir13een – What Makes You Gold

Dare Two as he is popularly called is a 22-year- old young and talented artist.

Growing up in Newark, new jersey Dare two was influenced by great artist like Drake, Kendrick Lamar,wu-tang clan Dare Two is a 22-year- old artist from Newark, New Jersey. Influenced by the sounds of J Dilla, Redman, Lauryn Hill, J Cole and many others.
He is such a talented and gifted lyricist with his signature storytelling style that makes him stay relevant and unique all these years in the music industry.
His style is a mix of somber but with a good vibe to get you dancing on your feet. It is no surprise that he picked such style because of his stay in Atlanta.
Beth Isreal Prod. by DC Hooligan was one of an emotional song by Dare, he dedicated the song to cab Calloway a close member of his family which he lost to the cold hands of death not too long ago.
“I will say this tribute song gained him some good attention from the media.
One such media houses is the HypeCity, Philadelphia’s Premier Hip-Hop Radio Show, on UTM Radio and few other prominent blogs.
In entertainment there is no such thing as bad publicity, although Beth Israel was not a party song, he was able to maximize the exposure it gained to release more awesome songs that keeps making buzz in the world of music judging from his style of music, storytelling, Dare two is going to occupy the music scene for too long.


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