J. Irja The Sexy Psycho


J. Irja The Spotlight Queen. The Sexy Psycho.

Whatever you call her, one thing for certain.
One encounter with her music or presence and you’ll never forget her. From her ballsy head tattoo to her rapid-fire in-your-face lyrics,

she is a ton of dynamite packed into a tiny but solid 5’0″ frame.
You can hear her Pain, Strength, and perseverance in her rhymes. Some say she is the perfect fit for Tech N9nes Strange Music label. Take a listen and see for yourself.
Recently she dropped a new website featuring major Strange Music Artists

Stevie Stone and JL B. Hood!

This Episode Of “On The Hustle…

With J. Irja” follows the Sexy Psycho on the Texas Dates Of The Level Up Tour.

She is ramping up to drop her new mixtape

“Blessed With The Curse: RELOADED” in 2018


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