Go1d -“Do You Hear That”


Go1d is a Canadian Hip-Hop/R&B/Pop recording artist. He received the pen name “Go1d” after releasing his first single “Heartache” independently. His work explores the relationship between feelings and astrological signs. With influences from our diverse culture, Go1d uses the new synergies that are generated from both order and random discourse emotions. Ever since Go1d was a child he has been fascinated by the sounds of music and written tone, but presently he’s been drawn to the frequencies.
To experience the “Go1d sound”, is to become transformed through the multicolor tones of rhythm and lyrical play. He has worked with many artists such as Bruno Mars and Nicki Minaj, under the pen name ” Gold 1″ and also charted #1 in Japan and Top 40 in the Netherlands. Heavily crafting his art and evolving his skills as a singer, songwriter and mixing engineer, Go1d has been making his name in Toronto. Go1d’s love for the city is very distinctive in his videos, as he always gives a little taste of the Toronto scenery in each video that he releases. So why haven’t you experienced the “Go1d sound”?


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