Omar Kadir – “The Last Thing I Do”


Omar Kadir is an R&B artist and hip-hop dancer hailing from the Bay Area, California.  His recent single release ‘The Last Thing I Do’ has had unprecedented success, with over 1 million streams on Spotify (featuring on playlists like ‘Most Necessary’ and ‘Love, Sex, and Water’).

One of the most striking things about Omar’s incredible work is how this single bridges the gaps between the warmth of traditional hip-hop and the punch of contemporary productions.
In this popular track, Omar showcases his smooth and engaging voice and uses punchy and sensual beats to draw his fans into the song. The sleek and modern production of ‘The Last Thing I Do’ is reminiscent of prominent artists such as Drake and J.Cole, just to mention but a few.

In Omar’s new release the well-defined sound allows every element in the song to be heard. The melody hints at Omar’s dancing background, as this song would be the perfect accompaniment to hip-hop movement or even just cruising in your car around the city.

Learn more about Omar Kadir and join his growing fan base here:


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