New Ep YULIO “Astronave”

IMG_1717 (1)

Yulio (cl) will take us as always a new World of Sounds … the journey begins with” Super Equinox “, where the Sun in the sky is at the greatest negative angular distance from the celestial equator, and the guitars recorded by they transform into crispy Sequences, in addition to including an ending with message included … “Behind the stars will be the light” …
“Astronave” begins with a beautiful percussion interaction that will take us to the end of the Universe, including Beats mutants that will elevate us to the top of the planetary system, where it will merge with Robotics voices of Marcela and the producer …
“Luna Speed” is the brand of the house if you liked the tracks of past records such as Rivadavia or Halley … you will go back and forth from the Moon a Million times through the Cosmic sound.
The biosphere is undoubtedly the most experimental track of the Ep you will not leave the planet in its entirety but you will have to survive the sonic attack.
Zenit is where Yulio floats through the environmental sounds, where the layers of stars overlap in the gravity of the sample.
At the end of the universe are 20 minutes where he explores the beat plus tech, finished with an interaction of the guitars and Voices recorded integrating into his spacecraft.
The Ep also contains via Bandcamp a free download track “Time Of Gypsies” with Balkan sounds due to its residence in Zagreb.

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