Johnny Dehn – “The Man”


Johnny Dehn is an up and coming rap artist from the suburban area of Brewster, New York.
He has an underground lyricist mentality with the style and sound of a mainstream artist. Dehn’s album, “Road to the Show” will be dropping 4/31/18 on all platforms.
Dehn is an acronym that stands for, Don’t Ever Hide Nothing. Molded from artists such as Eminem Tech Nine and Ice Cube, Johnny tries to convey the message of being one hundred percent candid as long as your showing who you are and self-confidence.


In this new track “The Man” Dehn is clearly showing the evolution of his work.

A stunning production with great melodies a preview that one of the best records of the year is coming out soon, check the track at the link above and take your own conclusions.

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