Myspace X Drooble


There are a lot of companies behind Myspace, in 2013 they officially announced the launch of their new platform across desktop and mobile, reaching 15M views daily in 2016 with over 50M active users in 2015.

Today the site is among the 2 thousand most visited sites in the United States more than Vevo; Myspace still one of the best platforms for independent artists to promote their works.

The music industry has changed a lot since Myspace started, I remember when it was the everyone’s favorite social media before, Orkut or Facebook era.

Nowadays people are consuming less mp3 and CDs as well, streaming services have become extremely popular, those who are seeking success in the music industry must understand that.

However, new concepts are always emerging like Drooble a place where musicians can get their music heard, appreciated and reviewed by other musicians isn’t a platform built to have fake friends and grow fan numbers, there you can promote your music for free in an organic way and the platform itself connects musicians doing what they love based on points that you can use in promotional tools to get your music heard.


The community is growing the site is among the most wanted in the UK, this week they started a new referral program that you can win U$1.000 just inviting new people to join in.

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