Ayelle “No Harm”

Ayelle is a Swedish-Iranian singer last year she released the Machine EP then just a month later the single “No Harm”.

It’s about trying to understand the reasoning and frame of mind of three different rapists, who probably don’t understand that they are rapists. I also had the Brock Turner case at the back of my mind when I wrote this, and how he managed to shift the blame of his actions, seemingly convincing himself that he wasn’t at fault even after being convicted” – Ayelle

Ayelle has been putting songs on paper ever since she first learned how to write. Drawing inspiration from her own life experiences, she often incorporates feminist elements into her lyrics, which challenge the status quo.

“Heavy yet necessary content, it’s fully conveyed within elements of electro-pop as Ayelle’s smooth vocal distorts with emotion, adding texture and depth” – Complex UK.

Her last single “Too Busy” was one of the most popular on Hype Machine so here in the link below you can listen to the track “No Harm” and follow up on her Facebook page here.

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