Keeana Kee – “Let’s Make Love”

“Let’s Make Love” is the last single from Latvian model-turned-singer Keeana Kee her music career began like many young do, performing in bars around London.


She is also one of the top-rated artists at Isina a reality show masterminded by Grammy winner producers such as Water Afanasieff, Kenny G, Kenny Baby Face, Humberto Gatica, and Paul Oakenfold only legends that already worked with the biggest names in the music industry, alongside Fernando Triff they will probably be featured in the next arrival of the show.

With one ambitious track after another, she brings her essence to life by following her own rules; Recently she released the single “Coconut Rum and Coke” to critical acclaim, and in between singles, we caught up with Keeana Kee on the heels of her “You’re Real” that you can check the music video below!

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