CHOZE Feat Shai Sevin – “D.I.Y” [Premiere]

Choze is a London born and raised artist, he brings a new style for the British rap scene, his artistic flow is an authentic artistic expression!


The rising star talent last release “Nothing to Lose” reached more than 250,000 views on YouTube!
Now we are proud to announce the premiere of his brand new track “D.I.Y” produced by a rising UK producer Renzo featuring Shai Sevin, who has worked with several critically acclaimed artists like Jessie J and Ed Sheeran just to name a few.

The track is dope and it’s an anthem proclaiming self-dependence, self-sustenance, and self-belief; The statement is about, to be honest, speaking the truth showing what is really going on in the world.

Facing a lot of challenges and hard times through his life, now he is grinding and wishes to empower people with a dash of empathy and straightforwardness.


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