A Kind of Man – “Teddy Love”

A Kind of Man is a solo project of Bjørn Rosenquist an artist based in Copenhagen who likes to wear woman’s clothes and he is not afraid to break paradigms.

“I don’t care about old fashioned gender roles and today’s odd fixation on vanity through social media and other crap”.


The debut EP of this project is on the way and we can check it out the debut single released last week entitled ‘Teddy Love’ sound a melodic indie rock track with a dichotomy between ecstasy and melancholy.

Bjørn explains the complexity of his inspiration behind this composition; the girl in the music video was his crush and now she is dating the guy who co-produced the song.
Freud properly would find this very hard to process, however, the music video is crazy as well directed by Meeto the concept is Bjørn dreams and inner world, “Teddy Love” is about being in love and horny, saying Goodnight with a pillow fight even when you’ve grown old together.” he adds.


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