Mosa – “Losts And Founds”

Mosa is the new music project of David Ashbourne who is coming back after a 6-year gap of his last project, Samual Zasada.
The hiatus happened because of a heartbreaking split between David and his ex-wife Zasada.

“aiming aimlessly between Bon Iver and Tom Waits, a meager attempt to create a ripple in an already oversaturated bowl of music porridge”

His hard time inspired David to move on and re-inventing himself again; Mosa‘s music is all about his emotions facing a difficult moment and overcoming it and coming back more powerful than never with a very soulful sound mixing a new electronic vibe to his folk roots.
“Losts And Founds” was recorded at the Mosa‘s studio near Oxford, London where he spends a lot of time in his productions, the track is very unique and you can catch a powerful vocal coming from his heart, the rhyme it’s so intriguing what makes Mosa our Radar choice of this week.

Check the track below and stay tuned!


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