Lara Snow – “Swim Far”

Lara Snow is a singer-songwriter and an electro-pop musician from Tel Aviv, Israel and now resides in Berlin, Germany. Her debut single “Sometimes It’s Enough” was released in 2016 to critical acclaim by some key tastemakers in Europe.


Fast forward to 2019 Lara is releasing a new hot track and a music video for “Swim Far” which is the first taster of Lara Snow’s debut EP called “Delete Forever” which expected to drop later this fall.


The inspiration for this record is an inner journey and self-reflecting; This is something that Lara started when she moved to Berlin, translating her emotions to record and being influenced by great artists such as Grimes, Banks, The Dø, Lorde, The Knife & Lykke Li. With a soft and melancholic vision that expresses a connection between the glamorous, the forgotten time and prosaic feelings, “Swim Far” talks about moving forward after a heartbreak. Overcoming her hard time, Lara‘s new era is all about transformation to become a better, self depend and stronger person.

Chatting to Lara on the track: “My heart was broken for a very long time, at a young age I got into a toxic relationship and it changed who I was in a way. I became a sad girl and I was trying to float in a world that was dark”.

The track was produced in London by Miedo Total and mixed by Ori Rousso (Noga Erez) & Noam Levinberg (Keren Ann, Riff Cohen).
The music video was recorded in Geneva and Tel Aviv using just an iPhone and we have to tell you the result is stunning. The unique aesthetic of the video is trying to get you into her vibe instead of telling you a story.
You can check the music video below and stay tuned in for more updates…


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