Black Calavera – “Generation”

Black Calavera is an alternative garage outfit based in North-London. After sticking on our headphones it’s clear they have various music genre inspirations such as indie, alternative, garage rock, and blues.


Since Jan this year, the band has been keeping themselves busy with a bag full of cool gigs across North and East London‘s venue hotspots on the lead up to their debut release “Generation”. The song’s message is simple and straight “We need to love each other” an underlying note, it’s all about spreading the positive perspective the world is in need of right now.
Being a new band on the London stacked scene, they bring a new point of view into the old music scene. You can feel some great riffs that are twisted with the alternative indie rock sound composing a lyrical subject that is slick. We can’t wait to check out more songs from Black Calavera at Optimates7, the band is seriously one to keep an eye out for in the years to come making the anthem “Generation” our ‘Radar Choice’ of the week.

You can check the track below and stay tuned in for more updates…

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