Quarry Releases New Album

Inspiration can come from many places and this one is a pinball machine. Vittorio Tolomeo is a London based indie-rocker, singer, songwriter; and multi-instrumentalist, also known as Quarry! He debuted as a solo artist in 2010 after releasing the “Apps Will Grow Like Feathers” album and with his band had the opportunity to perform across Europe and in the UK. These included notable gigs such as The Great Escape Festival and opening a number of Arthur Brown‘s concerts. 5 songs of his last release were showcased at A-Lister “Cannes Film Festival” in France.

“For a musician, a place to make music is a continuous journey in unexplored galaxies, it’s freedom, it’s a shelter,”

Let us now get up to speed to 2019 with Quarry releasing the self-titled track of the album “Super Arcade” which has been getting some excellent attention. The inspiration came by the unusual environment of old pinball machines and arcade games where the musician installed the recording studio and started the songwriting process. With the mood firmly set the record was easily stemmed.

The album is still very fresh but in such a short time the record was featured as the song of the day in The Rolling Stone Magazine France. Released on April 12th, the album has been well acclaimed by critics.

Quarry disclosure a little about the creative process of the album: “No matter how heavy or sarcastic a subject is, the music is infectious throughout, combining slashing guitars, distorted bass lines and steady beat with melodic hooks“, because Quarry is a firm believer that a right 3-minute song can change someone’s life, and you can’t go wrong with an alternative pop-rock confection, if it’s deliciously dirty and punchy.
You can check the amazing stop-motion music video follow Quarry on social media, stream his album on Spotify and stay tuned for more updates, until the next one!

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