PREMIERE: Seaker – “Woven”

Kiran Hungin is Seaker. Her previous releases have been critically acclaimed and after a short writing gap, Seaker is back with a stunning new cut in “Woven”. The song is as a gift to her mother. Written and produced by Kiran herself with the mix harnessed by Rick David at Pink Bird Studios.


To describe “Woven” I picture waves that start soft and brew into a ferocious roar but swiftly settle to a delicate lightness before they then turn to rage. These elements are the sounds to this multi-layered painted picture. With a simple melody, “Woven” flows on her emotions somewhere between a sense of loss and one of hope, shifting the nature of relationships over time.


Seaker started to develop her artistic skills from a young age. Supported by her parents, growing up in an unusual environment helped Kiran develop her metaphorical and lyrical artistic side. Kiran explains how her artistic process works:

“I try to make music that is epic and delicate at the same time. I love those spine-tingly moments when there’s an unexpected emotional twist in a song or a tiny whispered vocal moves into a huge layered block of sound. When I was a kid, it was sad, vast, film songs that always got me. I think for a long time I associated art with sadness and only took something seriously in an artistic sense if it was melancholic. I think that shows still in how I write, though I also feel very full of hope and wonder… so it’s not all doom and gloom.”

Listen to the track below and follow Kiran on the socials for all the latest updates

Until next time!

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