Genuine Panama Debuts Itchy Teeth EP

Finally releasing their debut single “No Good” the first promo track from the Itchy Teeth EP, Genuine Panama makes a buoyant, soul-tinged British indie sound. It’s sharp yet laced with a buttery texture of wriggly guitars, rolling syncopation, and animated bass lines. The band started their journey in Since 2016 which has seen them perform some memorable gigs around the UK ranging from headline slots at The Louisiana in Bristol and the O2 Academy 3, Birmingham. Support highlights include performing alongside the renowned Multi-Story Orchestra.


With a very smooth and easy-going sound, they describe their flow as “an inimitable blend of animated guitar pop and old school funk n’ soul that seldom fails to captivate audiences and stir unsuspecting dance floors”.
To pigeon hole the band with a genre you could call it something between Hippo Campus and James Brown. With this elusive genre, the band promises a memorable live experience.


You will definitely enjoy the EP tracks like “No Good”, “Hermitage” they just enwrap you in the right vibes and on the flip side “Elephant Carpets”, and “Itchy Teeth” designed for as mentioned vocal crowds and the ‘unsuspecting dance floors’
You can listen to all songs below, follow on socials and stay tuned for their next show.
We highly suggest you catch them live if they are in your part of town!

See you!

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