Mortimer Jackson – “Revolution”

Hailing from the UK, Mortimer Jackson is a singer-songwriter with a charismatic appeal. Jackson has developed his distinctive and unique sound combining gripping melodies with straight away lyricism, the edgy song arrangements lead to a catchy and direct tone.


Jackson was born in Highgate, London, he grew up in Glastonbury, Somerset. He now resides back in his home town and just after a few releases he has already reached an impressive audience, the song “She Was Born On Mars” is close to over 18k streams on Spotify, another previous release “The Trigger” received support from Alex Walton on BBC Radio Wales while consecutively creating a buzz with some tastemakers. Mortimer has just dropped his new cut “Revolution”, this track combines the immediacy of Jackson’s lyrics with his captivating performance.

“Revolution is about a group of people of having been repressed by a so-called higher power, but the people at the top don’t realize that the ones who they are trying to repress are smarter and stronger than them; They underestimated them, were played at their own the game, and were calmly and systematically taken down” complements Jackson.


The track brings out his personal approach to a prodigious sound and peculiar songwriting process, mix this with a Britpop, indie-rocker attitude and swagger then blend with gritty driving rhythms that fuel the distinctive vocals. The lead guitar provides the atmosphere of being calm in the eye of a perfect storm.

His performance has often been compared to bands like Oasis, Stone Roses, New Order, Blur, and Bloc Party. Check out “Revolution” below and look for him on socials!

Stay tuned and see you on the next one.


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