Secondhand Habit – “Hey”

Hailing from Victoria in Canada‘s British Columbia, Secondhand Habit is a Canadian rock band who are highly influenced by the Seattle music scene. “Hey” is a song mixing hard rock style guitars and vocals with a new perspective of the grunge rhyme while reminding us a little of Alice Chains. Other comparisons have been made to Nirvana, Guns N Roses, Mastodon. They sound like a modern grunge band or the newest grunge-inspired. In their own words, they describe the cut as “high energy riffs while combining an unmistakable groove, wicked solos, and killer drumbeats”. Trust us it does not disappoint…


Their debut EP “From The Ashes” released in 2017 was born after a successful kick-starting campaign, receiving positive feedback from online tastemakers. One year passed and the band returned with a hard-hitting blues fueled single, titled “Bad Habit”.


As a band on the road, Secondhand Habit like to stay busy! Having embarked on several tours in their beloved Canada, featured twice at Canada’s Music Week (CMW), performed at the Oasis Rock n Roll Marathon in Stanley Park alongside several dates spanning from Vancouver to Toronto and opening for acts such as Electric Six, Dead Quiet, We Hunt Buffalo & Daniel Wesley. In such a short time span of a band’s life, this is a fantastic achievement.

Now coming up with a new record, Secondhand Habit is ready to take on the world.

You can listen to the track below, looking for more on their socials, stay tuned in and up to date!

One thought on “Secondhand Habit – “Hey”

  1. Epic. Having watched every band they’ve been compared to from their own inspections. Bad Habit is one to watch. Love them skins tho. Nice


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