After some collaborations, VZION is finally releasing his music with the support of the amazing singer Falyra Bloom. The cut is called “Magic” and can surely be considered a dynamic dance floor anthem. In his own words, he’s uber-confident that “with this type of flow will probably have your head nodding along before the first verse is even out.” It’s certainly a true statement…


VZION hails from Manchester where he has cemented himself, producing and honing his skills, taking influence wherever he finds it and selecting the perfect vocalists to polish his music. This pioneering and innovative approach is one of his key features as an artist. The collaboration with Falyra on “Magic” is prime and Vzion makes the process seem effortless. Falyra’s vocals are intense and passionate with a keen ear for reinvention born out through the seamless blend of samples and original content VZION constructs.


Considered a real modern talent, he likes to mix different music genres ranging from the soul, hip hop, and disco to R&B. Getting into a lyrical rhythm he takes a digger’s delight in distilling the essence of each to create his sound.

VZION works to supply balance to those seeking self-reflection, daring the future and worshipping the past and its influences while experimenting sometimes with jazz, soul, disco, electronica tallied with more industrial percussive processes “Magic” is that lounge style track you wanna hear on repeat.

Check the tune below, follow him on socials.

Until next time! See you…


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