Handstand Parade – “Draped In Gold”

Handstand Parade is an Alternative Indie-Pop band founded in Reading, England. The band has a huge number of influences like The Smiths, Joy Division and everyone in between. They seem to come together musically in a progressive union, releasing their first single titled “Draped In Gold” from the quartets second EP called “Who Loves You Now”.


Seeking a unique approach, the band has been playing together for more than 2 years, their debut EP called “Mourning Youth” was recorded by the legendary producer Michael Smith, who already worked with well-known names in the field. This led the band to multiple BBC Introducing interviews and slots at BBC events. The bands caused hype on the radio with the privilege of having all songs from their EP Played by BBC Introducing. Air time was secured also on the renowned Radio X and BBC Radio 6.


Off the back of shows at major festivals like The Great Escape and Liverpool Sound City and a UK Tour, “Draped in Gold” is the great return from the band who expect to conquer the world! Recorded By Michael Smith once again At RYP Recordings, the single is a following up of the bands last single “Beloved” a song featured nationally on England airtime radios.


With storytelling based on sad things in life, Handstand Parade hopes you overcome your heartbreak on the dance floor listening to “Draped in Gold” of course, the sound reminds one of The 1975’s modern vibes. To conclude the music, the band is solidly set and ready to blow into greatness. Handstand Parade is definitely making their dreams come true!


You can check the track below, follow on socials and stay tuned for more. Until the next one!



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