Introducing Grammy Nominated MASA TAKUMI

West Coast, Los Angeles based Japanese artist MASA TAKUMI is ready to break out the Hollywood scene, performing live subsequently of receiving some awards in the capital of the entertainment industry.


After his debut in the ’00s under the major label BMG Japan performing in a rock band called “Siren” as a drummer, he started as a producer working with other great artists releasing songs that it’s reaching millions already.
That includes a collaboration with AAA‘s single titled “Call” his song won “The Excellence Album Award” at the 53rd Japan Record Awards following up his success reaching the top 10 in the Japanese music charts scene.

20170902-DSC01260 (1)

Succeed in working with well-known artists as Poppy and Trey Songz confirms his talent as a solid composer achieving the first position of R&B iTunes charts consecutively receiving a Grammy Awards nomination of his collaboration with Sly & Robbie in the track titled “Reggae Connection” in the 56th Edition Masa sticks as a true multi-instrument ready to take his place!


Last Saturday Masa hosted a live event at West LA at The Village Studio this iconic venue was built in the 1920s as Masonic temple where famous artists such as B.B. King, Eric Clapton, and The Rolling Stones recorded many their legendary songs, a celebration that we were proudly invited to join in, the ceremony happened successfully as you can see through the pictures on this post, also creating a trend with J Pop artists, Masa is planning an upcoming release album called “Heritage” expected to be out in 2020 expressing historical Japanese music with combined Jazz and Funk used by traditional Japanese instruments.
We can’t wait to listen to it, stay tuned in his socials and check out more about his work in the link below.

See you next time!



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