Neoni X Unsecret – “Fallout”

The American independent sister duo “Neoni” jumped into the studio to collaborate with the veteran producer “Unsecret” in this dark cinematic alternative, epic jewel wave single titled “Fallout”.


Caitlin & Sidney lived and played out of Colorado for most of their lives until they both decided to relocate to Washington. This is where the project was rebranded as Neoni (sounds like – Neon ee) the duo has been uber busy and are set to release a lengthy list of tracks over the year. Self-described as sisters who argue and write songs and when we chatted to the band on their influences they commented: “We’ve covered everything from Bob Dylan to Bieber but we love to write music.”


“Fallout” was released on July 12th and quickly found it’s way onto over a thousand individual playlist and currently achieving the top of Spotify‘s Alternative Beats charts. Within just a few weeks the track had secured positive feedback from a worldwide audience hitting over 65,000 streams on Spotify & 30k video views on YouTube.


The song really gets you in some cinematic atmosphere, the Nashville producer ‘Unsecret’ also brought his unique style to the track collaboration that resulted in such a powerful and successful partnership.
Catch the eye for “fallout” bellow, follow the folks on the socials and stay tuned for more.



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