Calle Ameln Premiering – “HEYO”

Premiering a highly anticipated single titled “HEYO” the Swedish country rock singer and songwriter Calle Ameln is building up his success all over Europe and North America combining energetic songs with attitude.
Going in a different direction using his creative and innovative appeal Calle is engaging new fans around the world merging the heavy metal background with country resulting in a pretty fresh music approach.


Calle debut album titled “Revolution On The Rocks” was released in June of 2016 after that following up with many other singles such as “I Know My Whiskey” well acclaimed by tastemakers can be considered his strongest work achieving the biggest commercial success so far.
In a quick conversation with Calle, he says:
“I’ve been busy writing songs and putting the work into the record in the studio,” commented the passionate singer-songwriter. “I’m looking forward to seeing the response to ‘HEYO’ which is the first release from the new songs I have planned.”


Succeeding with songs playing on the radio across the globe Calle is now about to release his brand new single “HEYO” expected to be out on October 31st, it will be available across all of the major online digital platforms and you can exclusively check it out here first.
Enjoy the song below and make sure to visit Calle’s official website for more information also stay tuned on his socials.



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