Inanna – “On Fire”

Following up from her debut single NEFERTITI XXI, Inanna a singer & mythic environmentalist to celebrate the Global Climate Strikes week is releasing a hot new track titled “On Fire” her brand new song is full of authenticity and purpose combining a unique sound coming from eco – ethno to electropop waves.

Not that much different from her first release as a music adventure writing songs dedicated to updated environmental topics, supporting people to engage in political subjects bringing awareness to the human race in such dark times.
Previously working on numerous projects from Spain to Italy, Inanna has taken her music to the next level in Los Angeles reaching a worldwide stage, caring about future generations she is the nature spokeswoman holding up for the voiceless in our planet.


Inanna was already the lead singer of several alternative rock bands she started her solo career in 2012 under a different name in Barcelona, now living in LA the city helped her to explore the new resulting in a mesmerizing uniqueness.
As a music activist, her genre-bending contemporary sound is a chant of an enchantress seeking the balance for a better future.


Fasting forward to her new release the song is a message of peace and love for our planet and all living beings, “On Fire” is an innovative mixture of an ancient sound with electronic vibes, the song is literally a modern anthem for our generation in times where some humans still skeptics about climate changes.
Released parallel to the Global Climate Strikes, Inanna wants to shape hopeful visions of the future in a time where everything seems to be slipping through our hands.


Written by Inanna and produced by Joshua F. Williams, she is working on her first EP “Where We Belong” expected to be released this fall, you can enjoy the track below, engage with this great artist on socials and stay tuned and up to date.

See you pretty soon!

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