Indigo Chyld – “River Bend”

Supporting self-love based on therapeutic abilities the following up single, “River Bend” is definitely the definition that romance isn’t dead yet, and we have “Indigo Chyld” to thank for, coming from Brooklyn native and now based in Los Angeles, Adina Korn well known by her stage name “Indigo Chyld” the singer has been traveling across the world in the hopes of empowering other women to do the same exploring the unknown and stepping way outside of comfort zones!


This song is about the toughest heartbreak of her life when she penned such delicate words, juxtaposed with intensity in her tone that is undeniably captivating to listen to.
We can already picture the scene in the movie – can you hear it too?
Stick in for “Indigo Chyld” on socials, check her track below and stay tuned for more…

See you!


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