Videocean – “On Your Own”

Videocean are from London and to narrow it down, Peckham. The band has just released single #2 of 2019 titled “On Your Own” and in style – they are celebrating the 50th anniversary of the moon landing! Diving deep into the atmosphere of the universe the song is about a deep gaze toward space that explores a feeling of isolation from the world.


As a band on the rise, key recognition has been steadily on the build through local tastemakers and afar. According to “Clash Music”, Videocean fuse psychedelia with soul, pop melodies with the lush effects-laden sound of shoegaze., the band incorporates meditation while combining 70’s disco vibes.


The band line up is composed by Perry the lead vocal and bassist, Neil on guitar, strings and backing vocals, Ross on guitar and backing vocals and Rob on drums. With the next level concept, the mark of the blueprint of this band goes on through the release “On Your Own” what exactly leads to the source perspective of the awakened ones resulting in a hint at arcane truths, guitars, and synth. The intuition of master musicians come to the edge defining the spirit without religion.


Besides the controversial subject of the space, the new cut was recorded in Peckham at 123 Studios through analogue sounds and captured by the owner and producer Brett Shaw. The track is written and produced by Videocean and mixed by Rob Wilks at Squarehead Studio, Kent; Brett and Rob have worked together previously with Foals & Florence + the Machine.


To summarise what we think on Videocean “The intuition of master musicians come to the edge defining the spirit without religion.” You can check it out the track below, follow Videocean on socials, stay tuned and up to date.

See you next time!



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