Bandini – “Barflies”

Working hard for 2 years Bandini‘s debut album is finally out…

So, how can we quickly describe Bandini‘s “Barflies“? The record is made to be cinematic and promises to be the soundtrack of London’s nightlife. It’s a blender of influences like Tom Waits and classic American blues, jazz with a funk and rock roots ‘Dr. John‘ style while incorporating the attitude of jazz, blues, rock, and gypsy – he’s seeking a unique sound. (What’s not to like here…??).


Bandini is successfully an exciting new contemporary artist who through his imagining of music fusion and a blend of magnetism is transforming his dynamic musical output into a mesmerizing theatre show. Bandini already has been compared to Organic New Orleans Gypsy Blues, Pop, inspired by Bukowski. His storytelling theatrical performance is really epic and is produced by renowned soul artist, Camelle Hinds. The record features many artists and musicians of London’s underground independent music scene.


“Barflies” release day concert gig was prosperously a sold-out concert at the St. John Church in Hoxton in London, as part of the Live at St. John events series organized by Go Out Tune with singer-songwriter Amelle Rose as the opening act. Bandini is currently a resident act at the Spiritual Bar in Camden, he recently wrote and performed with Victor Marichal the play “Barflies Tales”; an impressive piece of music, storytelling, and theatre which debuted along with a sold-out a gig at The Cockpit for Camden Fringe on the 15th of August.


Listening to the 12 tracks of the album you can feel the record is a following-up work of Bandini’s first EP “Cardboard Box and Paper Cups”, however, “Barflies” is an awesome album that sounds very glamorous and exciting as while bringing a new element to the music scene which is very rare to find nowadays.

You can make your own conclusions with checking the record below and you can find out more about Bandini on his socials. Like us, we suggest staying tuned!

See you next time!


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