Mystic Flowers – “Night Shift”

Releasing the amazing debut single titled “Night Shift” the project masterminded by Sonic Joy Records initiated the MYSTIC FLOWERS is full of mysterious mixing R&B with electro-dance develop by enthusiastic rhythms among world-class vocalists!
Getting into the concept John Meisel producer and songwriter is experimenting with the softer side of beat-driven complexity, inviting incredible vocal talents in a very colorful collaboration.

Profile of young beautiful girl brunette. The effect toning

Drawing an analogy where talent vocalists are different and beautiful as the flowers in a summery wildflower meadow, MYSTIC FLOWERS sounds as the softest petals of a rose kissed by the morning dew and yet as groovy and cool as you would expect of this genre.
Dropping the first track of the project “Night Shift” released by John‘s label Sonic Joy Records seeking to surround the audience with elegance, bliss, and timeless beauty waves, via highly melodic and danceable songs that feature a multitude of fantastic singers in the studio.

Based in Germany the project is promising you can enjoy the track above, follow the deal on socials to stick in for the upcoming releases and stay tuned and up to date!
See you soon…

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