Phenomenal kid plays more than 107 instruments

Neil Nayyar could be considered a musical genius, the world’s greatest instrumentalist has been breaking a lot of records now playing over 107 instruments here is ready to break into the music industry with his brand new album about to be released in early 2020.
Neil was a kid like no other with a pretty much ambitious dream he believes that the technology era made people flake easily going in a different direction, the teen started to develop his skill very early playing his first instrument at the age of 5.


Doing a lot of buzz around the world, especially in California, Neil has very unique skills now playing over 107 instruments the boy already archived unbelievable musical accomplishments at such a young age of 13 years old.
Seeking the Guinness World Records recognition for the extraordinary talent he recently appeared on the CBS Tv show Good Day Sacramento talking about his makings not even close of being challenged by this time Neil revealed that he is currently working on his 108th musical instrument.


Nayyar‘s biggest dream so far is to perform the Star-Spangled Banner, the National Anthem of the United States the multi-talented boy freshly signed a contract with Conquest Management alongside that his very supportive father applied for an audition where Nayyar will get a chance to perform in the Sacramento Kings Arena at Golden 1 Center, in downtown Sacramento on November 1st, 7 P.M  playing at opening during the Kings Game.


It is not just playing music instruments, the homeschooled boy is talented in other different ways, he can paint, is good in martial arts and Bollywood dance among numerous other activities including acting.
To Nayyar, music is not just a feel-good moment, but also a way that he connects with the people where the teen shares his music and draws inspiration. learning a new instrument is like learning new and different cultures he completes.

His favorite part, where he meets new people and cultures, promoting unity and cohesion around the world.
Follow Nayyar on socials, stay tuned for his upcoming album.

See you next time!

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