Lara Snow “Ghost”

At this moment you should know three things about Lara Snow. First, she is a singer-songwriter and an electro-pop musician from Tel Aviv, Israel. She is heavily influenced by Lana Del Rel and ready to release her debut EP “Delete Forever”. Talking about her record, Lara said that it’s mostly about love, self-love, love for another, love for the world even at times of struggle. We can say Lara Snow painted a picture of her life the way that she wanted. Exploring a lot of creativity her music video for the single “Swim Far” was recorded using just an iPhone without letting go of the professional standards.


Now releasing her 3rd song from the upcoming debut EP and a b-side of the track “Swim Far” after tons of great reviews by tastemakers her song “Butter Knife” reached more than 50k streams on Spotify in less than two months. On the gig front, Lara has been super busy with a past headline tour in Germany and a recent key slot at Waves Vienna Festival. Moving forward, Lara is about to hit the road yet again in November, together with her band to celebrate the upcoming release of “Delete Forever”, playing in Germany, Switzerland and the Czech Republic.

Catch her performing live on the following dates:


Dropping another great music video, “Ghost” is such an iconic frame of time and space. A great record that would sit perfectly in your playlists. For now, check the video below, keep your eye on Lara. Stay tuned on socials.

See you!


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