Fransoafran – “Dance Without You”

Imagine a violin combine with physics now add some great instruments, this is Francois Mathian a violinist, composer, and music producer, well known as Fransoafran.
He is the founder of Soulbow, which is a music production company based in Vietnam and Australia.


Starting to develop his musical skills very early inspired by his mother who was a violinist and physics professor teaching him to play the piano and violin creating the perfect conditions for Francois to expand his interest in music professionally.
Performing various styles, from jazz to pop-rock, bringing his strong emotional balance and analytical mind in the innovative use of electric violins creating soulful compositions and improvisations.


Francois started as a solo artist when he moved to Australia developing his music career collaborating with other composers and producers.
Following his musical path, he now lives in Vietnam, where he’s established a new recording studio working on music material.
Releasing his 3rd single titled “Dance Without You” carrying condensed emotions Fransoafran‘s productions make extensive use of a wide range of violins as key features, from electric violins and violoncellos to classical acoustic sounds.

Most tracks are strongly influenced by traditional jazz and leave an important space for improvisation and instant expression.
Summing up Fransoafran comes with a very original blueprint merging the high-quality music taste, this is it, for now, follow the guy on socials, tune in to his music and stay tuned for more.



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